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Scottsdale Digital Marketing Agency is one of the most sought after search results in the category.

Top rated digital marketing and SEO experts are on staff and have developed the most comprehensive search engine optimization tools for our clients.  These tools were developed our of research we obtained over two decades.  The world of digital marketing changes daily, and every business that wants to remain relevant needs to be able to adjust as well.  What works today may not work tomorrow.

Because of this, our top rated SEO experts’ mission is to constantly update our technology.   By doing this, we ensure that we stay ahead of our competition.   You will not find a more talented group of top rated digital marketing and SEO experts anywhere.

Top Rated SEO Experts Out Rank The Competition

We out rank our competition for one simple reason.  Quite simply, we are the best Digital Marketing Agency Scottsdale!  Our team of Top Rated SEO Experts are the best in the field.  We employ the very best ad copy writers, period.  Due to this, we are able to ensure our web pages rank highest among all relevant search engines.  Therefore, if you want to be the best, you need to work with the best.  Allow our Top Rated SEO Experts to show you why we are the best.

Passive Voice vs. Active Voice

Our Top Rated SEO Experts ensure that each web page has the correct amount of active voice text.  This also means we are making sure the correct amount of passive voice text is used as well.  Because of this, we will not publish a page that does not meet these guidelines.  The amount of each is proprietary to our experts, but rest assured it is of highest importance.

What is passive voice versus active voice?  In short, Digital Marketing Agency Scottsdale has a method of writing that ensures you are making the point, with the least amount of words.  In addition, it ensures that your text is not too wordy for your reader, and is written in an easy to understand context.

Internal Links

Internal links are extremely important to ensuring your pages rank well with search engines.  Keep in mind, there are only five or six available spots on the results page of any search engine.  Because of this, you must be sure to stand out from the rest.  Providing links from one page to the other, allows search engine crawlers to continue to index your site.  What links you provide, need to be relevant to the page you are linking from.  This is important to your overall page rankings, due to the fact that the more pages relevant to the search query, the more likely your page will show up.

  • Examples of Internal Links:  Here is an example of an internal link to one of our other pages for Digital Marketing Agency Scottsdale , and you can simply CLICK THIS LINK HERE.  As you can see, this is a page for a digital marketing company.  The page has related content, and additionally, has four completely different businesses in the same relevant field.  That page has links to other relevant content, including links to four other marketing company’s website.  All relevant content.  This is what search engine look for.  They need to be sure they are providing their customers with a good experience.

Outbound Links

This is one of the most important parts of a web page, but is also the most overlooked.  Have you ever noticed that no matter what it is you are searching for, companies like Amazon, Wal Mart, Target, Ebay and the like always come up?  You could search for “psychology professors near me”, and apparently Amazon has them in stock!  Why is this?  It’s simple, but complex.  Simple, because Amazon and those others mentioned, offer so many different categories of business that search engines will always show them.

Complex, because the other reason is they have so many “outbound links” on each page, that search engines know the content is indeed relevant.  Here’s an example:  Let’s say you wanted to search a Top Rated Business in a different city.  In that case, you’d simply click on this link to go to our city directory. Because the new page has similar content to this page, and it is a completely different website, google sees that as a huge plus.

Top Rated SEO Experts have you covered.

For 99 percent of the companies in the world, outbound links to other related companies are not good business.  For instance, suppose you are a digital marketing company.  In order to fulfill this important step in SEO, you would want to provide your customers direct links to your competition.  This is one of the main factors search engines rely on when determining relevancy scores.  Search engines are in the business of providing relevant content.  Period.  Your pages are likely only talking about your business.  The consumer is searching your “type” of business, not your actual business.  (if they were, they’d simply go directly to your website)

The first choice would be a relevant web page for the term “digital marketing company”, taking into account location as well.  If there is a page from a company that has links to many different websites relating to personal injury attorneys, search engines will pick them first.  This is why our pages consistently outrank even our customers own web pages.  We provide related outgoing links to four businesses in each category like this competitor in the same category.  We also provide direct outgoing links to our customers various review sites like their Yelp review here.  And lastly, we include three other outbound links to 3 other businesses in the same category, like this additional competitor in the same industry here.

Image Attributes

Images are not just to make your site look pretty.  Our top rated SEO experts have concluded that the alt attributes are a huge part of your page rankings.  How the image is uploaded, the type of image, the content in the image and the name of the image itself are all factors in page ranking.  Here we have uploaded an image, for the purpose of making our point.

From the customers point of view, it’s just an image.  What is behind the image, is what search engines read.  Your image and it’s attributes need to be associated with the page itself.  Our top rated SEO experts ensure that each image fits these standards for the highest page ranking.

In Closing

If you want to be shown by search engines, then you need to be aligned with what search engines are looking for.  Those companies that promise “optimization” and “first page results”, make sure they can show you first!  Don’t let them convince you that it takes “months and years” for the process to work.  It doesn’t.  It takes relevant content, optimized the correct way and aligned with what search engines are after.  Let us show you!

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