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Local Top Rated Businesses, with reviews from Google, Angie's List, Facebook, Yelp, BBB, and Home Advisor - all in one platform.


Every business that we feature is a top rated business from the local territory and has been rated and reviewed by Facebook, Google, Angie’s List, Yelp, BBB and Home Advisor.

Every Top Rated Business Partner that we promote, has been vetted by one of our Top Rated Business, Inc. staff members.  We have verified, in person, that the Top Rated Business Partner is located in the territory as well as offers the services for the category they are listed under.

Once our verification is completed, we ascribe a Top Rated Business Rating for their company as well.

Are You A Top Rated Business? We want to promote you!

Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising to Ensure Highest Return on Investment

Targeting high income households through direct mailing in the local area and refining online search results to the customers location gives our Top Rated™ business partners the highest return on their investment.

Home Delivery

Our Top Rated Business Directory is sent to the 60,000 highest income households in each territory, via the United States Postal Service.  Delivering your message directly to over 200,000 qualified people.


Search Optimization

Our proprietary search tool is available on both mobile devices and an online web search tool.  Our search tools are utilized by consumers in your local area, to find only Local and Top Rated Business Partners.  No more irrelevant and non local search results.  We only deliver hand picked Top Rated Businesses to consumers. 

Our targeted ads, web marketing platform and mobile app utilize custom algorithms to put your business in front of locally target and qualified high income households.


High demand business listings

90 + Essential Business Categories Per Territory

Our search tools and database are comprised of the top rated and reviewed LOCAL businesses in 90 business categories that are essential to every household. Our focus on these 90 categories, makes our search results relevant, local, uncluttered and useful for the reader. This leads to a high R.O.I. for our business  partners as well.

Advertisement Exclusivity

Only One Featured Business Per Category

We showcase one of the four Top Rated Businesses per category to be our Featured Business Partner.  Our Featured Business Partner will get a professionally designed advertisement, built by our in-house design team.  This advertisement will be prominently placed on the exclusive category page.  The advertisement will also be advertised on Facebook, Instagram, Google and other popular social media platforms.


Professional Ad Design

Have Our Professional Design Team Create A Custom Ad For You

Our team of professional designers and ad copy writers will work with you to create an advertisement based upon your companies logo, branding, advertising campaigns and mission statement. Your ad will be designed specifically for you and will be placed in our Top Rated Business™  mobile app search tool, online listing and printed directory.

Complete 8.5″x11″ Full Page Advertisements & Featured Web Pages

We only offer full page advertisements and custom web pages that are professionally designed by our in-house marketing and design team. A full page advertisement provides a large canvas to promote multiple goods and services, showcasing ALL of your business attributes and unique appeal.


YES, IT’S 100% FREE.

We offer a 100% free business listing in our directory.

In each of the 90 categories, we offer 1 full page – 8.5″ x 11″  “showcase” advertisement.

We also provide our readers with 3 additional listings of businesses for each category.

These additional listings make our directory even more useful to the household, which adds to the retention of the directory, and ultimately a higher response rate for all of our business partners.

This is 100% free, and is granted to the highest rated businesses that apply for the free listing.

Space is limited for each category, so don’t delay.

If you would like to be considered, please click the tab below to fill out an online application where you can complete a 3 minute questionnaire. Top Rated™ Business Directory staff will assess the information provided and contact you regarding the acceptance for your free listing.

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